3 factors that affect your SEO rankings


    Many businesses rely on search rankings from different search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to market their products. In fact, with every passing day, the reliance on the internet for business marketing increases. I even got to a point that almost all serious American businesses had to have websites or blogs to cultivate an aura of seriousness, authoritativeness and value. To achieve a strong and lucrative online presence, businesses need to have an impeccable SEO Plan. Below are three factors that will affect your company’s SEO rankings and performance.

    Use of Keywords

    Every business has a target market, and every target market has specific keywords they would use to search for information regarding the products you offer. They may not know that they need the products you have to offer. In fact, they may not even know that your products exist. They mostly just search to get answers for their individual problems, but they use specific keywords which you should be able to predict. Develop authoritative and fun-to-read-and-explore content that will offer valuable answers for your target market’s problems and sit back. Your SEO rankings will definitely shoot up.


    Backlinks are referrals for the world of websites and blogs. Referrals are always great for cultivating customer trust and confidence, and niche authority. Of course, just like society judges, the internet judges as well, arguably even more. You must get quality links from respectable blogs and websites, not from known scammers and fraudsters. To get quality backlinks, do guest blog posts to authoritative blogs in affiliate markets offering products that go well alongside yours. Your SEO rankings will definitely improve.

    Quality over Quantity

    Obviously, you must have consistent website posting if at all you expect your SEO rankings to be valuable for your business. However, do not ever compromise quality over quantity. Make sure that everything you post is captivating, informative and entertaining. People won’t ever share crap but they always make entertaining or valuable content trend via mass sharing.

    If you are outsourcing your SEO efforts, ensure that you hire the best SEO company for your business that will ensure these things are taken care of.