5 food bites for your next get-together


    Planning a get together seems like an easy feat but quickly turns into a daunting task when you have to prepare food for so many people. But, the life of a good get together lies in the time you all spend and thus, you should always get snacks that don’t have you rushing to the kitchen time and again.

    Here are 5 of the quickest and easiest food bites for your next get together.


    Whether it’s fresh out of the microwave or at a movie theatre, popcorn is everyone’s favourite snack. Popcorn will take you minutes to make and can be done even while you are attending your guests. You can also add butter, cheese, or caramel to it for an extra punch of flavour. Just put on some movie with your friends and enjoy a big bowl of this food bite.

    Kacang Puteh

    Just like popcorn, Kacang Puteh is also tiny bite-sized snack from Singapore. Not only is it quite delicious, but also very healthy. All you need to prepare your large bowl of Kacang Puteh is some chickpeas, oil, and spices. You can prepare this dish by soaking the chickpeas overnight, drying them, and then mixing them with some oil and curry powder to make for the perfect evening snack.

    Cheese Truffles

    Cheese truffles another quite easy to make and quick food bites. This little recipe doesn’t even require you to cook anything. All you have to do is roll some pimiento cheese into a ball and wrap it with some bacon, parsley, toasted pecans for extra flavour. You will be able to prepare them in no time if you ever Run short.

    Caprese Bites

    Another no-cook appetizer that everybody loves to eat other parties is Mini Caprese Bites. The bite-sized mix of tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella covered in balsamic vinaigrette will become the healthy snack everyone would be reaching for.

    Mini Corndogs

    The more indulgent of all the snacks, the mini corn dogs with some mustard dressing will keep your party going. All you have to do is cover some hotdogs with cornflour mix and fry them. Serve them on a stick with some mustard and you’re set!

    There are some companies that provide some of these things as part of an event package. They will come in with their own popcorn machines and candy floss machines and provide popcorn for your event guests.