5 Top Tips for Securing Your Home this Winter


Winter really is the harshest time of the year, and not just weather-wise; according to the This is Money website: ‘burglaries surge 38% after clocks go back’.

Darker and longer nights as well as the pressure to provide for the festive season, along with the fact that homes are far more likely to contain gifts, valuables and things worth stealing during the lead up to Christmas all combine to make winter doubly frosty and unwelcome.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce your risk of being burgled, and to prove as much here are just five of the surest ways to please your home insurers and displease your local burglars, as well as keep your family safe this winter.

  1. Fix Up that Broken Fence Once and For All

Broken fences provide ideal points of easy entry to a would-be burglar. Hence, never assume securing your home is enough; always take equal care when it comes to protecting your garden. And do so, first and foremost, by repairing any broken fencing you might have.

Assessing the security provided by your garden fence and checking for any damage or broken parts (which some burglars actually cause with the idea to return later and enter where they have created access for themselves), is consequently a must do. It is also worth checking the condition of the locks used on any garden gates you might have.

Finally, for homes which feature outdoor side access through to a rear garden and feature a lockless gate or even no gate at all, this is definitely an issue to resolve; all potential points of access to your garden and as such your property should feature doors or gates and all doors and gates should feature appropriate locks.

  1. Address Your Garden Ahead of Santa Arriving

Beyond ensuring your garden fence is in proper working order, keeping a garden neat and tidy provides intruders with less cover. Meanwhile ensuring to put away any toys, equipment or items which intruders might enter your garden too steal is also important, as is remembering to store equipment such as ladders, which can otherwise be used to aid burglars in achieving their plans to alleviate you of your possessions and household goods.

For a wealth of more advice as to how you can make your garden safe for Santa (and the kids or dog) and intruder-free, give the advice provided via the Money Supermarket website and their Garden Security Guide a read through.

  1. Replace Your Garage Door Before the Cold Sets In

We all pay at least some attention to our front doors. Certainly, most of us would not ignore a front door if it had become compromised, damaged or presented obvious signs or wear and tear and / or a locking system that was failing to do its job properly. Yet, when it comes to our garage doors, millions of us in the UK are willing to simply keep repairing, patching up or worse yet even ignoring the condition they are in.

Meanwhile, one group of people you can guarantee are doing the opposite and paying very close attention are those hoping to free us of our possessions, from lawn mowers to kids toys to cars even. Even more frighteningly, some burglars break into garages hoping to gain access to our homes in instances in which garages connect directly to them, whilst others do us and then use the tools kept within our garages to break into our homes as well.

For these reasons, it is of paramount importance to never ignore a garage door that needs repairing and to never repair a door more than once or twice before replacing it; a door that needs repairing numerous times is a warning that the door needs replacing. Then, and to explore your options as to what are the most secure garage doors currently available on the UK market, head over to the Duratec Security Solutions website. Meanwhile, for more advice on how to add additional security to your garage door and secure the items within it, familiarise and put into place the tips provided via The Crime Prevention website.

  1. Put a Burglar Alarm on Your Winter Wish List

…but don’t wait for Santa and Christmas to bring it. Rather, to protect all the presents likely to be piling up in your home in the lead up to the festive season and during it, remember whilst shopping to budget for the appropriate means to protect all your possessions, and as well the most precious things within your home – your family.

This means that if you do not currently have a home burglar alarm system fitted, yours is broken or you are not presently making full use of it, addressing those issues. It isn’t fun and it isn’t something anybody looks forward to forking out for (especially with Christmas around the corner to save for and splash out on), but it is far less stressful, expensive and emotionally draining than arriving home or worse waking one morning to find that rather than discovering Santa has been that burglars have and your tree along with your home is now devoid of everything you have worked so hard to buy and afford.

Then, whilst online looking for Christmas and perhaps Black Friday deals, take a moment and make time to also give the Which website guide to Burglar Alarms a going over; after all, it might just save you far more than bagging those deals and save you a lot more than just money too.

  1. Ditch the Local Carolling Club in Favour of Joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Tis’ the Season to be jolly, come together as a community and generally break out of the British mindset that means millions of us in Britain today can’t even call to mind the names of those living either side of us, never mind remember the last time we borrowed or lent a cup of sugar, if we ever have.

Suffice to say, joining a neighbourhood watch scheme or even setting one up if your surrounding community currently lacks one, is not just a great idea from a security standpoint, at least not solely when it comes to preventing and deterring would-be burglars; taking the time and making the effort to get on good (or at least friendly) terms with your neighbours creates a safer, more pleasant and as well more proactive community for everyone, this includes your children who might play out in the area.

Then, to learn how to go about contacting and joining your local neighbourhood watch scheme or perhaps beginning one, the official UK Neighbourhood Watch website contains all the information, advice and support you need, so why not head there now?