6 Ways to Give Your Living Room the Wow Factor


Whether you’re the kind of person who’s impressed by a roaring open fire, dark oak features and a bold mantelpiece, or you’re the kind of person who just loves soft materials, a combination of textures and a bold, stylish sofa, there’s always one aim that everyone has when decorating their living room, and that’s to capture the ‘wow’ factor. When you enter a room with the ‘wow’ factor you’re blown away by what you see, the atmosphere is welcoming and bold, the furniture is stylish and suits the room perfectly, and you instantly gain a sense of satisfaction.


Nothing will give your living room that wow factor more than a stunning chandelier positioned beautifully in the centre. The living room is the one room in the home that needs to be functional all day and all night, and you often find that once the natural light from the day has faded away, you need a bold, bright feature to keep the room lit throughout the evening. Introducing a feature such as a chandelier will project the light in a stunning way across your living room, creating a glamorous, chic look. A bold chandelier will also be a great way to add value to your home and create the perfect centre point too. If you feel a chandelier is a little much for your interiors, you can look at introducing a bold, chic lampshade, as this will have a similar effect to the chandelier and also save you a bit of money.


One of the most effective elements to any rooms design is the colour. How you design your living areas will play a huge part in the overall atmosphere. If you’re wanting to capture that wow factor within your living rooms décor, then it’s important to get the colour balance just right. Any colour scheme can give a room the wow factor, it’s the way you present the colours that matters. When introducing a specific colour to your walls, you then need to look at contrasting yet still complementary flooring as well as how to introduce additional colour through your furniture. You can add different shades, textures and patterns into the mix with furniture and accessories, and this is where you can really make your interiors pop. Remember to mix colours and patterns that complement each other well, if you decide to go for colours that outshine each other or clash then your interiors will look loud and in your face, which is very different to being bold and having the wow factor.


As touched on above, your choice of flooring can play a large part in giving your living room the wow factor. Different floor styles have different impacts on a room, dependant on the size, style and shape of the room, so it’s important to choose the right flooring type for your living room. Whether you decide upon wooden flooring or soft carpet, investing in a good quality floor will add value to your home and ensure it has the wow factor you’re aiming for. You can introduce colour through your flooring too, which is perfect for emphasising your room’s style and adding to the overall look.

Focal Points

When you add furniture to your living room it’s important to keep one thing in mind, the focal point. Every room in the home has a focal point, it’s what makes the room look finished and inviting. You usually find that your focal point is a larger piece of furniture, or an area of the room that stands out such as a chimney breast or mantelpiece. You can really make your focal point work for your living areas and they are also really important to include within your interiors. You could even look at adding a piece of art, family photograph or even television to create the perfect, bold focal point.


 If your living room doesn’t have the right symmetry, then you can often find the room won’t flow or have the atmosphere you want it too. It’s not an obvious thing to consider, but having a good balance and symmetry in your interiors is essential for giving your home the wow factor. Giving your room symmetry will add purpose to the interiors, which will add value and also a great feel. Arrange your furniture with symmetry in mind, for example, position two lamps, one on either side of your sofa, on two tables that match. This will draw that area together and create a neat, finished look. Keep this kind of layout in mind for the rest of your furniture layouts, as this is what will make the difference between whether your home stands out or looks unfinished.

Bold Touches

Everybody is different when it comes to style and interests, and how you design your interiors is completely down to personal preferences. Making your interiors unique to yourself is essential to ensure you have a home that suits you and makes you feel at home and relaxed. You can introduce personal touches through details such as hardware, including door handles, sliding door handles, cupboard handles and so on, as well as other bold pieces such as curtain poles, curtains and blinds. These small changes may seem irrelevant; however, they have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a room and will have a contribution in your living room having that wow factor.