A Complete Guide to Repair the Basement Water Damage


Water damage in the basement is one of the common problems that most of us face at some point of time. It could be due to window installation, foundation walls, sump pumps failing, basement seepage, broken pumping of basement or grading that has been done wrong. While dealing with the basement water damage Rio Rancho NM, the first thing to do is to turn off all the gas supply to the appliances with the pilot lights under water or ignition system.

Then, find out what has caused the flooding. After dealing with the water damage, you need to start with the cleaning process. The time taken to repair water damage depends on the amount of water present and how much damage has been done. You need to throw away any soft material or absorbent and then replace the panelling. You can clean-up any hard surface. If your ceiling has also water damage, then you would have to replace the ceiling tiles too.

Causes of Water Damage in Basement

Generally, the basements are prone to flooding. Water keeps running from high to low ground and under some circumstances your basement can turn into unwanted swimming pool. The common culprit for the flooding of basement is rain. The excess amount of rain can overload the basement waterproofing system and hence pushing the foundation cracks.

Sewer backup can also cause basement flooding. The suburban homes generally have sewer-tie-in line that can reduce flooding in the basement and hence allowing dirty water from the sinks and toilets to be cleared. If your sewer line has been damaged or clogged and the water has risen above the basement floor, then the water might gush into home.

In the communities build over marshland or swamp, the failure of sump pump can be the cause for flooding. You can install a backup sump pump in case your primary pump fails to work.

How to Deal With Basement Water Damage?

For removing more and more water, you can use wet vac or submersible pump. You need to open the basement windows for speeding up the evaporation of water. You can remove the wet position from the basement so that sun can help to dry it as much as possible.


If there is water in your basement for more than two days, then the mould can start to grow. You can use solution of one gallon of the water along with a cup of bleach. Also, use fans to clear the smell, as it can make you sick, especially if you are inhaling too much.