A photobooth at every corporate event


    What is there not to like about photo booths? They are easy to set-up, quite cheap, and, above all, are a great way of having fun with friends. Music festivals and weddings are the two main areas where the use of photo booths has been long documented.

    Well, photo booths have also found their way into corporate events, with organizers realizing the great potential these simple establishments have in bringing people together, and in marketing. Below are four examples of corporate events that should feature a photo booth.

    Product Launches

    There are no second-chances at making first impressions; a famous statement that is amplified during product launches. One way of making your product launch unique is through setting up a photo booth. Allowing your potential customers to take photos from the photo booth will not only leave them with a memorable experience but will also help you in your social media advertising since they will undoubtedly share the experience with their friends on social media.

    Networking Events

    Anyone who has attended networking events can attest to the fact that they are one nervous affair. Imagine being in a room filled with strangers, with the mission being getting acquainted with as many of them as possible. Photo booths have proven to be the perfect icebreaker during these networking events, with conversations flowing even while attendees are waiting in line at the photo booth.

    Golf Tournaments

    Golf tournaments have morphed from being just a form of sport, and have become a popular corporate event used for, among other instances, charities. But despite the excitement that comes with golf tournaments, partaking in one activity soon becomes monotonous, requiring to be spiced up, which is why photo booths have become a must-have in any golf tournament. Attendees also end up with a memento of the tournament in the form of cheesy photos taken with friends at the photo booth.

    Annual Corporate Dinner Party

    Annual corporate dinner parties are supposed to be a way of reenergizing everyone in the organization as well as strengthening bonds among employees. However, it is not easy to cast aside animosities and grudges that have been simmering for an entire year.

    Nonetheless, bringing everyone together can be as easy as including a photo booth at the venue. The fun aspect of taking goofy photos together will warm even the coldest heart at the corporate dinner party, with the memory of the funny pictures lingering long after the party is over.