Breast Augmentation – An Overview of the Popular Breast Augmentation Surgery

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    Breast augmentation is by far one of the most widespread plastic surgery procedures done today. Considering the body area in question gets much notice from the opposite sex, breast enlargement is done with the objective of increasing sex appeal. No other type of plastic surgery has seen such an increase compared to breast augmentation.

    Augmentation is achieved by positioning a breast implant of a predetermined size underneath the breast tissue. Breast augmentation surgery sees the use of three primary types of incisions. Incisions that start from the armpit are known as transaxillary incisions. The advantages of transaxillary incisions are the lack of scarring on the breast itself.

    The most frequent type of incision in breast enlargement singapore however, is the inframammary incision. The incision is performed under the breast. Advantages of this sort of incision include trouble-free access for the surgeon as well as enhanced breast implant placing. Periareolar incisions are located on the areolar border. The darkened patch of skin that surround the nipple is the areolar. Given that the incision takes place directly on the breast, the doctor is better able to place implants and there is also lessened scarring

    The breast enlargement singapore is usually a straightforward surgery that takes no longer than one to two hours. All incisions are made with minimal scarring in mind. In order to place the breast implant, the surgeon cuts a path to the preferred spot. This area is widened to accommodate the breast implant. From time to time the plastic surgeon may choose to make use of “sizers” as a means of testing placement and breast implant sizes. The sizer is linked to a tube and a syringe containing saline. This enables the surgeon to test various breast augmentation sizes by inserting various amounts of saline into the sizer.

    Costs differ depending on the surgeon, consultation is always necessary. All types of surgery have inherent risks, not just breast augmentation surgery. The size of the implant should always be determined by the client herself. It is normally a bad idea to have someone else, say a boyfriend or a husband choose the implant size. The target after all, is personal happiness.