Car Advertising


    Advertising has taken a significant turn over the ages. Many companies are now using state of the art technology to pass on information about their products and the services they are offering to consumers.

    There are a lot of marketing trends in 2018 that steer the global financial markets towards the digital edge.

    Some few examples of the marketing trends in 2018 include:

    • Neuro-marketing – uses psychological tactics
    • Broadcast marketing – uses Radios and Televisions to pass on message
    • Artificial Intelligence – Chatbot is becoming a great deal in revolutionizing marketing
    • Social media – has become very influential in creating ads that can be easily accessed by a broader target market. The storytelling features introduced on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and now also on YouTube labelled as Reels is attracting more people than it was anticipated.

    Although the trends can be categorized as either secular (long-term), primary (medium time range) or secondary (short term), it is important to know how your industry is adapting to the new trends and avoid being left out in the competition of meeting your buyer’s needs.

    Now, this is the point where car advertising comes in. Even though you are bound to keep up with the current trends, you should not disregard tradition and print advertising methods. Yes, the digital range of marketing is effective, but you can also supplement it with traditional techniques such as car advertising.

    How to car-advertise your business?

    Car advertising at most times involves wrapping a part or the whole vehicle with vinyl sheets as decals with the information that you want to advertise. However, one could also choose to paint the information on the car, but it’s not recommended because it will be expensive to switch to a different ad as compared to a wrapper that you can quickly unwrap.


    Car advertising is an underutilized medium that most people forget how a moving car can target thousands of people in a day in different places. People should take advantage of this strategy which doesn’t cost much, but you will be sure your message will be out there.