Choosing a New Garage Door- Which One Should You Buy?


Choosing the right garage door can be difficult for people, especially for those who have little to no idea about the functions and features of different types of garage doors. Garage doors are distinct from ordinary doors; they are fitted to a sliding frame, and these doors are primarily designed to open and close freely, thus allowing you to park your car in the garage whenever you want. Almost every garage door today comes in an automatic variant, equipped with a remote control. All you have to do is press the button on the remote after arriving within a specified radius, and the garage door will open on its own. Due to safety reasons, the button on the outside of the garage usually features a security code.

The Australian market is flooded with different kinds of garage doors. Before you make a purchase, here are some of the most popular varieties you can buy.

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters in Melbourne are available from a number of different companies. Roller shutter doors have become tremendously common throughout Australia simply because of the ease of use and functionality that they offer. Roller shutter doors are made from interlocking slats of aluminium or wood that are neatly tied together. The reason why these doors are so popular is because they require little to no maintenance, and also feature a space saving design.


When you press the button on the remote, the roller shutter door automatically goes up. Rather than swinging out towards the side or in any other direction, the door simply lifts upwards. The interlocking slats dislodge on their own, and then neatly stack one on top of one another in a drum barrel installed on the back of the garage door opening. It’s a nifty choice for people who are short on space and don’t want to park their car at a distance while waiting for the garage door to open.

Swinging Up Garage Doors

Another common variant that happens to be popular throughout the major cities of Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney are the swinging garage doors. The doors are fixed on a hinge supported by a counterweight. When you press the button to open, the counterweight is released and the door swings up. However, you might require a bigger driveway if you want a swing out garage door in your house, as there is a defined swing radius to account for.

Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors are most commonly seen in large mansions. If you have a garage that can accommodate 3-4 cars, opting for a sliding garage door is your best bet. Due to the fact that the doors essentially slide horizontally from one side to the other, you will need ample amounts of space on either side of the garage door opening. Therefore, these garage doors aren’t suitable for smaller houses. Before purchasing any type of garage door, it is recommended that you call in a professional and have them give you a suggestion. The right garage door could significantly enhance the value of your property as well!