Common Hydroponic Mistakes


Growing plants and vegetables through hydroponics is one of the best ways to guarantee a quality yield. There are several different techniques which can be used for hydroponic growth, and a range of different tools which help people to achieve their growing goals.

However, it is worth remembering that there are several mistakes to avoid when growing plants or vegetables with this method.

Setting Up Equipment Without Knowledge Of How It Works

Some hydroponic equipment such as powerful grow lights and growing tents need to be set up a specific way in order for them to be effective. Unfamiliarity with growing equipment can cause plants to die or grow improperly. Instructions should be followed to the letter in order to assemble equipment properly – this will give plants the best chance of staying healthy and becoming fully grown.

Have the equipment pre-assembled if it is proving to be too hard to set up in the first place.

Overwatering Plants

Plants need the right amount of water in order for them to grow properly in a hydroponic environment. Inexperienced growers can be unsettled by the lack soil in the growing process, which can cause them to overwater plants. Overwatering needs to be avoided because it can cause plants to become oversaturated and rot the roots. Signs of an oversaturated plant include drooping leaves.


Not Giving Plants Enough Air

Growing plants indoors in a hydroponic environment requires a constant supply of fresh air. Buy a fan or a blower and direct it so that the air blows without being forceful enough to knock plants over. Oxygen allows plants to develop to their full potential.

Not Monitoring Plants Frequently

Everyone leads busy lives, so sometimes it can be difficult to remember to check on the plants. However, it is important to check on plants daily. Regular monitoring allows growers to identify any potential problems. Small problems may grow if they are left unchecked. Also, a daily checkup is a good chance to see how much the plants are growing every twenty-four hours.

Overfeeding With Fertiliser

Overwatering is one problem which inexperienced growers may encounter. Overfeeding is another problem which needs to be avoided. Overuse of fertiliser can cause issues such as fungus build-up on plant stems. The fungus can destroy a plant or stunt its growth.

Not Sterilising Equipment

It is important that plants are grown in a clean environment. Dead plant matter and debris can slow down the growing process. All tools should be kept sterilised at all times.

Neglecting PH Measurements

The PH level of the nutrients solution needs to be carefully monitored. Plants which are grown in soil are subject to stable PH levels, unlike those grown in a hydroponic environment. Hydroponics can cause the PH to fluctuate.

Follow this guide to ensure that growing plants with hydroponics is as stress-free as possible.