Dealing With Water Damage – 9 Easy Steps Explained!


As a homeowner, you need to take prompt action following water damage. Water leaks or flooding can cause massive loss, if not checked in time. Read on to find the things you can do after spotting the first sign of water damage.

  • Vacate the house. Extensive flooding can cause structural damage to your home. If you see any signs of broken roof or a cracked wall, make sure to vacate the property immediately. It is also more important to keep older parents, kids and pets away.
  • Check for the possible causes. Unless the flooding has been caused by a storm or any natural calamity, you need to find the exact situation. If possible and safe, try to cut off the water supply until help arrives.
  • Cut off power. If you see exposed wires, do not touch anything. It is also advisable to avoid using electronic appliances and gadgets, until completely checked and declared safe by professionals. If you have access to main switch, disconnect the power supply.
  • Look for help. Talk to your friends and neighbors to find companies that deal with water damage restoration Novato CA. You can also check online for help, but seek local referrals before choosing a service.
  • Get a quote in advance. Sadly, restoration work is extremely expensive, and you don’t want to pay more than the standard charges. To avoid unwanted hidden costs, ask the concerned service to give a quote for the job.
  • Note everything. Keep in mind that insurance companies are tricky. Make sure that the restoration company notes down the extent and nature of damages in detail, which can help with your claim. Some companies can send the bill to the insurer directly, which is a handy advantage.

  • Check for mold. Water leaks, if unchecked for long, can cause a mold situation, which can cause many health issues. Take a look around to find signs of mold, and if possible, ask the restoration experts for professional removal. Seek a separate quote for such tasks.
  • Supervise the work. Talk to the water damage service about the tools, machines, and equipment used for cleaning, drying and dehumidification. It is more than essential to supervise the work, because not all services work with the same enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Lastly, get the cause fixed. If the water leak or flooding is caused due to negligence, you might want to fix the plumbing issues to avoid further problems.

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