Feel the Quality Between Your Toes


With trends leaning toward hardwood flooring, you might find yourself curious why carpet is the better option for the bedroom. Carpet flooring is extremely rewarding, and you stand to enjoy more than one benefit if you decide to use it in your home. In the past, carpet was used throughout the entire home. Even the kitchen, bathrooms, and washrooms were fitted with this versatile flooring, but now homeowners understand the importance of tile and hardwood in certain rooms. However, carpet remains the best decision when bedrooms are on the list of renovations.

Greater Comfort

Both the aesthetic and physical appeal of carpet are ideal for use in the bedroom. Not only does carpet make a room feel more comfortable, but it also feels better beneath your feet. Very few individuals enjoy the feeling of cold, hard wood under their feet when they wake up in the morning and would instead prefer something warm and soft. Guests in your home will feel more at ease, and this reduction in stress level is proven to help you enjoy longer, deeper sleep cycles.


There are carpets to suit any level of desired comfort, too, as carpet can be made very thin or even soft like memory foam. If you have flat feet or weak ankles, it can help you feel more comfortable getting in and out of bed.


Carpet in Geelong is famous for its ability to add insulation to any room it is installed inside. To get the most out of this fact, it is a great investment decision to buy an extra thick under-padding and choose a denser carpet. For this reason, carpet is extremely popular in colder climates.

It Looks Better

There are more styles and colours available for carpet than any other flooring material, and you can match your carpet to literally any style you could possibly imagine. Perhaps you have a daughter with a particular love for the colour green or a son with a fascination for texture. There are types of carpet to suit any individual, and you can have a different carpet in every bedroom of the house should you want to really capture the individuality of your family. Carpet can be coarse, smooth, or even similar to fur in texture.

Safer to Fall on

As with any padded surface, there is less impact to the body should you fall on carpet as opposed to hardwood. Carpet is an especially clever choice to make for the flooring of an elderly house member’s bedroom or a nursery. A thickly-padded carpet in your child’s room can mean the difference between a mild scare and a concussion. Children love to explore with their hands and feet, especially toddlers, and they will likely fall quite often as they do so. It is always in their best interest to give them as much padding as possible.


Finally, carpet is extremely affordable when compared to hardwood. You stand to save potentially thousands with the choice of carpet over hardwood, and the money saved can be utilised elsewhere in the home. It is never too late to add carpet to a bedroom, and there are only benefits to be gained.