Five Essential Factors for Choosing a Pool Cleaner


Manual cleaning of swimming pools is passé. With some amazing automated pool cleaners in the market, you just need to make a decent investment.  There are varied kinds and types of cleaners in the market today, but there are some aspects that must be checked and evaluated before making a choice. This post will guide and help you with choosing the right pool cleaner.


  • There are four types of cleaners. The first one is a suction side cleaners, which uses a hose and the filtration system of the pool for cleaning. Pressure side cleaners use turbulence for cleaning, while robotic cleaners work with microchips. There are also solar powered models that clean the pool on the surface. You need to see the pros and cons of all before making a choice.
  • To choose the right kind of pool cleaner, you have to consider the size of the pool. Suction models are better for smaller pools, because for larger pools, the time consumption is huge and the cost of energy is also huge. Robotic cleaners don’t need to use the pump and filtration system of the pool, which make them more powerful owing to the mechanism.
  • Debris in a pool can be a big factor in choosing a cleaner. Solar cleaners are great for removing anything from the surface of the pool, but these don’t exactly clean the sides and bottom. If there is a large quantity of debris, smaller suction cleaners may not work. Check with a few online sellers and websites to find the kind of option that may work the best for your needs.
  • If you are choosing an automated cleaner, you have to be extra sure of setup and maintenance. Using a machine or a pool cleaner is a good idea because it can reduce the tasks, but if the maintenance factor is way too high, you will have other aspects to handle, which can be annoying. Check with the manufacturer or brand to understand why their cleaner scores better than others.


  • The final aspect is the cost. It largely depends on the power and all the other factors listed above, but do take a deep check on the features before making a choice. Reading a few reviews and feedbacks can also be a good way to know experiences of other customers.

Start looking for options now and pick the right cleaner based on the actual considerations listed here.