Five Helpful Ways to Improve your Home Security During the Colder and Darker Months


The majority of people see winter as the best time of the year to spend more time with their family. Unluckily, a lot of burglars view the cold months as an opportunity to target homeowners. This is because these people believe that they can exploit home security when the world seems dark at all times. The limited daylight during this season can provide them an extra incentive.

Also, burglars know that a lot of homeowners will be visiting their relatives or gone on holiday. Intruders are willing to take bigger risk. Below are some suggestions on improving the security of your house in the winter.

Never Allow the Snow to Pile Up

Do this for the both the yard and roof of your house. Winter maintenance might not an activity that you really like; however, it will pay off. Allowing to snow to pile up will make it look like your house has nobody in it. In turn, this will motivate thieves to target your home. This is because they find a vacant home an easy target. If you will be gone for a while, ask a neighbor to shovel some of the snow in your property.

Have Quality Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights can fight the lack of daylight during winter. Get these lights installed on all of your home’s exterior walls and this could help in preventing thieves from break in your home. Usually, intruders may run away if they feel they are discovered. An exterior light that suddenly turns on can make your house less of a target.


Have Up to Date Locks

Burglars are likely to enter your house through a door. This is the reason you have to keep your doors locked even if you are at home. Think about getting smart locks. They tend to be more dependable than standard locks. Check out for your options.

  • They can be opened using a PIN code, a key fob or your smartphone. Therefore, you do not need to worry about people stealing and using your keys.
  • A 24-hour PIN code can be set.
  • Some smart locks are battery-powered, thus you don’t worry about anything if there is a power outage.
  • Most smart locks are compatible with the majority of famous kinds of doors such as composite, timber and PVCu.
  • They give you peace of mind as you know that your house is secure and safe.

Have a Visible CCTV System

Installing a CCTV system around the outside of your property can deter burglaries. Let professionals install a CCTV system in your house which lets you record and remotely view the cameras using your smartphone, tablet or PC.


Invest in a Secure Roller Garage Door

Often, burglars will try to break in from your garage first and do everything to break into your house. When a burglar gains access to the garage, nobody will see them and they can easily access your premises through an adjoining door that is less secure.