Five Reasons to Have a Termite Inspection Done in your House ASAP


If termites attack you can handle the infestation in a lot of ways. Treatments can include non-invasive measures which eliminate early signs of termite issues and some more expensive methods which can overcome a massive termite invasion.

However, rather than treating an existing termite infestation, it could be better to prevent it altogether and a regular termite inspection plays an important role to achieve this. If you own a domestic property it’s important to turn to termite experts before it’s too late. With annual termite inspections, you can have the confidence that your house is well protected against any attack. The following are some reasons to consider scheduling your home inspection as soon as possible.

 You Are Looking To Buy a New House

 When you are purchasing a new house you will need to know as much as possible about the property’s condition. A professional pre-purchase inspection carried out by pest control experts can help you in determining any existing termite damage and ongoing infestations in the house or whether it is a high-risk property. This can help you avoid costly poor investment. Also termite professional can advice on the right measures to take for pre-treating the home to keep future termite issues at bay.


It Has Been At Least a Year since Your Last Termite Inspection

Perhaps the last termite inspection showed your house was clear of any termite attack. And you feel confident that the pests are nowhere in sight. However, a lot can change in one year and termites can present a real threat to houses. Even if there are no visible signs of termite problems as a smart homeowner, you will want to plan ahead. Consider stopping a termite attack before it starts.

You Can See Signs of Termite Infestation in Your House

Evidence of mud tunnels, piles of wings and saggy ceilings are some signs of termite infestation. In these cases you should not waste time before you contact a termite inspection team. With a visual termite inspection that includes the use of tools like borescope and moisture meter, a building termite inspection service can evaluate the termite damage’s extent and create a solid plan to stop the termites in their tracks. Termite treatment should start right away.


One of Your Neighbors Has Recently Had a Termite Issue

The presence of termites in a neighboring house can be a cause for concern. This could mean that the area’s conditions are ripe enough for termites to take hold. In these situations prevention is key and calling a termite inspection team can make a big difference in protecting your house from the same fate.

termatractermitedetector You Have a Termite Treatment Warranty Which Requires an Inspection

Perhaps your house has a termite treatment system in place. Warranty will provide many years of coverage for damages in a protected site. But such warranties require regular inspections. A great team of termite professionals are expected to have significant experience in handling thorough warranty inspections in order to help you in keeping your treatment warranty in great standing.

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