Five Types Of Pool Cleaners To Choose From!


If you have a pool at home, it is extremely important that you keep an eye on maintenance and upkeep, especially when the use extends beyond the summer months. There is a wide range of ways to clean the pool.  You can choose to hire professional services for monthly cleaning, or else, you can invest in a pool cleaner. The designs and signs of pool cleaners are extremely varied, and you have to decide the option based on what you can afford. Make sure that you check websites like, where you can find a lot of reviews, but before that, check these common types of cleaners.

  • The first one is a manual one, which works like a vacuum and pulls out the dirt and debris from the floor, walls and steps. If you don’t mind in spending time on cleaning the pool, this is a great option that works extremely well for any budget. Manual cleaners are good for small in-ground pools.
  • If you want something better, the next option is a suction side automatic cleaner. There are various options in suction cleaners, and the prices are considerably in budget. For pools that get large debris like falling leaves and flowers, this is the best choice by all means. The costs are higher than manual cleaner.

  • The third choice is pressure-side pool cleaner, which have a motor and uses the pump of the pool for cleaning. Ideally, pressure-side pool cleaners last for decade or even more, as long as one takes proper care. Such cleaners are expensive as compared to suction cleaners, but perform better.
  • One of the costly but amazing options is robotic cleaner. These cleaners work automatically and don’t have to be monitored. Right from the scrubbing of floors to cleaning of the debris, these cleaners work perfectly without any supervision. The costs are usually very much higher than other options, but the performance and convenience is surely worth considering.
  • The final choice is a solar powered pool cleaner, which is a new option on the block and harnesses the energy from the sun for cleaning. However, these cleaners don’t clean the bottom of the pool, which is an aspect to consider.

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Author Bio:   Silke Gebauer is the founder of Silke loved holding her breath under water and jumping from diving boards before she could swim properly, which is how she got her nickname Poolurchin. She still loves exploring and blogging about anything water and pool relate