Five Ways to Save Your Old Sofa!


Whether it’s only a few years old and looking old before its time, or your aging sofa bed from college is showing its years, there are a few things you can do to bring it back to life instead of sending it to the dump. You might be surprised what a visit to an upholstery store New York City has near you could offer when working to maintain your trendy living space without going broke.

1.) Give It a Wash: If the cushions are not sagging and everything looks square, the dingy upholstery on your couch could just need a good scrub. Your local hardware or grocery store should have a carpet cleaning rental with upholstery attachments. Spot treat any ground in stains, then steam the whole thing. Who knew it was still that beautiful shade of blue?

2.) Replace the Foam in the Cushions: You can customer order seat foam from an upholstery store or through an online outlet. However, if you visit the store you can bring the cushion with you for an exact measurement and avoid DIY mistakes. Instead of spending up to a grand on a new couch, a couple hundred can revitalize the seating surface.

3.) Beef up the Frame with Plywood: If you take off the seat cushions and the frame beneath sags too much when you press on it, simply slip a piece of plywood between the cushion and the frame. Voila! Instant sturdy seating.

4.) Recover the Cushions: If your frame is fine and the foam remains supportive, but you’d rather be looking at a different color, opting for new seat cushion covers is an awesome choice. Instead of choosing the new couch color from four new sofas in the furniture showroom, you get to select from all the upholstery at the store! This works especially well if you have a wood or metal frame.

5.) Slip Covers are Fashion Friendly: If it’s really just the color that’s bugging you, slip covers are a great way to roll with the times without spending a small fortune to update your living room furniture. Once the denim fad fades, you can take off the cover and change it out for the next new trend in home decor.

If you are wondering what your real options are, stop by the upholstery store New York City has in your neighborhood and check out the wide array of fabrics, colors and services that are available.