From Plant Dismantling to Contract Lifting: Taking Advantage of Your Local Industrial Services


Companies all over the world rely on heavy-duty equipment and powerful machinery on a daily basis. From hydraulic apparatuses and rotary transfer machines to printing presses and pipe-laying mechanisms, firms use a multitude of tools to not only complete day-to-day tasks, but to also streamline operations and cut down project runtimes across the board.

However, when it comes time to move, shift, or dismantle these unwieldy pieces of equipment, many businesses owners find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place with regard to the expenses and manpower required to facilitate a large-scale removal. Fortunately, these conveyance issues have become a thing of the past due to the rise of comprehensive conveyance services over the past few decades. However, if you’re interested in booking a plant dismantling service or crane hire in Manchester, for instance, it’s important to understand how these conveyance companies operate before you decide to hire any single firm.

The Suite of Services

Although conveyance firms started out as basic equipment handlers, these companies have been forced to expand over the past several years to account for the heightened needs of modern industrial organisations. As a result, conveyance firms are now able to facilitate the following:

  • Crane Hire Services: From loader cranes and demountable container handles to truck-mounted forklifts and tail lifts, these companies have all the necessary tools to facilitate any type of contract lifting project. Such companies also provide crane rigging studies, basket operators, complete project handling, detailed method statements, and intricate risk assessments.
  • Plant Lift and Shift: If you’re planning on shifting to a new factory or warehouse, modern conveyance firms can help with everything from overload testing and task planning to machinery removals and onsite installations.
  • Plant Dismantling: If you have bulky air conditioning units, industrial equipment, heavy-duty machinery, or large storage tanks that are in need of removal or dismantling, you’ll be hard-pressed trying to find a better solution than a local conveyance firm.

The Benefits of Hiring a Conveyance Company

As you might imagine, handling heavy equipment and dismantling large plants is labour-intensive and time-consuming to say in the least, which is why it makes so much sense to outsource this type of work when the need arises. However, beyond the manpower savings and decreased project durations, it’s worth noting that you also stand to save a lot of money by hiring one of these firms:

  • No Upfront Equipment Fees: Since you’ll be contracting an actual service instead of renting equipment, you won’t have to worry about the exorbitant expenses associated with purchasing/renting cranes and other heavy-duty lifting machinery.
  • No Maintenance Costs: Likewise, you won’t have to worry about maintaining any machinery in-house since your conveyance partner will assume the costs of depreciation, general upkeep, and component repairs. After all, it’s their equipment, not yours.
  • Eliminate Storage Concerns: These firms can also provide plant and equipment storage throughout the entire project, which helps protect your bottom line from inordinate storeroom fees and additional transportation charges.