High Blood Pressure – The Veiled Disease

    high blood pressure monitor

    There is an excellent chance that your blood pressure is high enough to impact your health adversely. I can say that without a doubt because 1 in every three people has blood pressure that is excessive. So if you think of two people who are nearby – then one of you probably has high blood pressure.

    The reason I have called this the Veiled Disease is that moderately high blood pressure (hypertension), like smoking, produces no detectable symptoms. However, just like smoking, after a couple of years of overlooking it, you start to suffer serious diseases. The worst of these, heart attacks and strokes, can be deadly or severely disabling.

    Yes, hypertension is severe, and since it is endemic, you need to do a couple of things. Find out if you have it and, if you have, take measures to reduce it. The only way to find that you have high blood pressure is to measure it. There are two ways you can do that.

    • Get your doctor to measure it.
    • Do it yourself.

    Now you may think that your doctors are the most helpful place to have your blood pressure measured, but it is not, the best way is to do it yourself. You see anxiety is one of the things that push blood pressure up and many people suffer from what is referred to as White Coat Hypertension. That is high blood pressure caused by being in a medical environment.

    Also, blood pressure (BP) varies, quite naturally, throughout the day. Your BP is lower when resting and relaxed than it is when you are lively. When you measure it yourself you can, if you wish, measure it many times a day, or just once a day when you are relaxed. When you do this frequently and keep a record, this offers your doctor a much more accurate picture and helps them to help you with much more appropriate treatment, because many of the pharmaceutical treatments for high blood pressure are quite destructive in other ways.

    Now, in the days when blood pressure was measured with a column of mercury and a stethoscope you had little choice but to get it measured by your physician, but these days there is a huge range of accurate, electronic blood pressure monitors that are so simple and easy to use that anyone can take accurate blood pressure readings. All you have to do is sit down, slip a cuff up your arm and place it just above your elbow, rest your arm on a table, then press a button. The machine inflates the cuff, takes the measurements and displays the results undoubtedly.

    These electronic blood pressure monitors give you three numbers, systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and pulse rate. Systolic is the higher of the two numbers. Your BP is in the healthy range if systolic is 120 or below, and diastolic is 80 or below (120/80). Now it is not likely that your BP will be in that range because most adults have blood pressure above that but below 140 over 90 (140/90). That is what is now known as pre-hypertension. If you are in this range, then you need to be taking measures to reduce your blood pressure. Above 140/90 and you need to have a word with your doctor.

    If your BP is in this pre-hypertensive range, then there are a range of things you can do yourself, without the need for medication, to bring your blood pressure down. But I will give you time to absorb this, and find out whether or not it applies to you before I show you some things you can do to improve your health and well being. But it will need that you make some small, easy changes to your routine, so prepare yourself for that, and you will find that helping yourself to a longer, healthier life is much easier than you.