How to Design an Eye-Catching Mobile Advertisement


    In today’s technology-driven world, we often talk about online marketing and advertising as the best ways to make your products or services visible to potential customers. However, you should realize that if you really want to catch people’s attention, one of the best ways should be through mobile advertising, for example, car advertisement.

    These advertisements are constantly on the move and involve banners pasted on cars. For the best outcome, you need to consider four crucial design principles when designing posters, signage or banners to paste on your car if you want to get the best results. They are:

    Font Size

    Among the best tips to use when designing a car advertisement banner is the font size. Keep in mind that the larger your letters are, the easier it will be when it comes to reading. It’s especially crucial if you’re creating signs or signage that will be displayed from a significant distance, for example at a conference.

    One of the best rules is to use 10 feet per inch of the letter height. Choosing lettering with 10 inches of height will in most cases have the best visibility at 100 feet distance. The typefaces also affect readability, which means as much as you may want a flowery script to convey a particular style; people viewing it from greater distances may have trouble reading it.

    Avoid Lengthy Paragraphs

    It’s important that you keep your car advertising message short and simple. That’s because mobile advertisements are constantly moving, which means if you want potential customers to read your messages and understand them, make sure you come up with short, interesting and on point marketing messages.

    Make Sure You Contrast to Improve Readability

    Your mobile advertising sign’s contrast will in most cases determine its overall readability. Many signs will include graphics or text in the foreground with one continuous background colour. That means if you want to retain readers attention, you should consider having a dark colour on light backgrounds. 

    Choose a Compelling Color

    When designing the best signs, you should make sure you choose a compelling colour since most trademarks are recognized due to their colours. However, avoid the urge to choose trendy colours since you need to think in the long term.


    Designing the best banners for your car advertising should be one exciting experience using the above informative post. The key things to remember are to choose large font sizes and avoid lengthy paragraphs to ensure you capture readers’ attention.