How to Look After Your Roller Shutters


    One primary benefit of having roller shutters installed is that they do not need very much maintenance and upkeep to work the way they are meant to. However, there are a few small steps you can take to keep them looking and operating as if they were brand new.

    Maintaining Your Roller Shutters

    One of the most important steps to maintaining your shutters is making sure that the guides along which they run are clean and free of any debris or litter. Sweeping away debris is easy enough to do and will ensure the smooth ongoing operation of the shutters. Likewise, checking the pelmet for dirt, twigs, and leaves that could have found their way into the pelmet and sweeping them away is also useful.

    Furthermore, ensure that you open and close your roller shutters in Melbourne with care in order to contribute to their trouble-free operation and longevity. You need to be careful about the shutter slamming into the box on the opening and that the box is firmly closed before locking.


    Another top tip is to grease the bearings once a year which will ensure that the rolling mechanism operates smoothly. You can also lubricate the guide rails for easy opening and closing.

    Cleaning Your Roller Shutters

    Cleaning the surface of the shutters is very easy and can help you avoid that build-up of debris. Every three months, open the shutters slightly and brush out the ventilation holes and sweep away any debris from the surface. Next, use your garden hose to wash down the shutters and then wipe the shutters with a mild soap and warm water detergent, using a sponge. Give them a final hose down and then wipe them dry from top to bottom, and up and down, using a soft, absorbent cloth.

    It is important to note that solvents, methylated spirits, and abrasive cleaners should never be used to clean roller shutters, nor should scrapers, scrubbing brushes, or steel wool which could all potentially damage the enamel surface. When hosing the shutters down, you don’t need a high-pressure spray, and you should try to avoid spraying the head box or helmet directly.

    Regular Dusting

    You can further prevent the build-up of dirt on your shutters by regularly wiping them down with a clean cloth. This will help to keep them from looking old and worn out before their time. Avoid using a feather duster as it won’t sufficiently collect the dust.

    Spray Away the Loose Dirt

    Once you have applied your chosen cleaners, spray them with water to remove leftover grime and soap residue. Leave the shutters to dry for a couple of hours and then check for damp spots and wipe them using a dry cloth to prevent pit marks that could lead to rusting.

    Roller shutters are a great addition to any home, and very handy for a hot and rainy climate. With the right care and regular maintenance, you can keep your shutters looking like new and lasting for a very long time.