How to Prevent Injuries with a Tennant Floor Scrubber


Using a floor scrubber can substantially cut down on the amount of time required to clean a floor. Floor scrubbers come with numerous different attachments that can be changed depending on the surface that is being cleaned. There are even more types of solutions that can be added to the bottom of the floor scrubber to assist with getting up those tough grease spots. A Tennant floor scrubber can efficiently clean dirty floors, but these are still pieces of equipment that use solutions to clean up dirt and grime. These solutions can leave behind wet spots that are prone to slipping and causing injuries. There are some tips that everyone should keep in mind to minimize injuries behind the floor scrubber.

First of all, if a spill is reported, use the Tennant floor scrubber to quickly clean up the spill. The longer the spill sits around, the harder it will be to clean up. This is because the spill will sit on the floor and attach to the surface. When the floor scrubber is in use to clean up the spill, be sure to put up a sign to warn others that this machinery is in use. This could be as simple as a wet floor sign. Furthermore, be certain to place a barrier mat near the spill to prevent people from slipping on the wet spot.

Floors also require routine maintenance to keep them up to sanitation standards. Regardless of whether a spill occurred that day or not, the floors are still cleaned every day to clean up the dirt and grime of the typical day. Schedule this maintenance during after-hours to minimize foot traffic that might come through while the floor scrubber is in use. Minimizing foot traffic during the routine maintenance will minimize the chance that someone slips and falls on the solution that is left behind.

In addition, even using a floor scrubber can still leave wet spots behind. While the maintenance might be performed after hours, the floors may still be wet during the morning. Therefore, it is better if the floor scrubber is used during the evening rather than late at night. This will give the floors time to dry before the morning foot traffic comes in. Minimize the chance that people slip on the floors by ensuring that they are dry in the morning.

It is important that people log when these maintenance procedures occur. This will help to track which floors have been cleaned and which floors have not. Someone should have the assigned task of tracking this daily maintenance. In addition, there are inspectors that might come around and demand a log of this maintenance. It is important that people remain in compliance with regulations to keep the business open. If someone is designated to track the maintenance, there is a minimal chance that a floor surface gets missed.