How to Protect Your Pond


If you have a pond at home that supports a myriad of life, both fauna and flora, then you’ll want to protect it and make sure that’s healthy, looking good and capable of supporting the life that you have stocked it with. There are many ways to do this, depending on the requirements of your pond, such as buying the right pond pump and pond filter, and using pond protection equipment.

Buying a New Pond Pump – Where to Start?

The best place to start is to understand that pond pumps play an essential role in keeping ponds healthy and looking their best. So, once you understand their essentiality and have a good understanding of the extremely important role that they play, then you can start to look at the wide range of pond pumps and pond filters that are available online and at bricks-and-mortar retailers.

As wide range of pumps and high-quality pond filters are available online, you’ll need to research the style of pond pump or filter that’s the most suitable for your pond and the fish and animal life that it supports. Along with working out which type of pump or filter is the right one for your pond, you also need to work out the volume of your pond so you can determine the required flow rate, which is the number of litres of water the pump can manage per hour.

Once you’ve calculated the volume of the pond, halve that figure and that’s the minimum flow rate that you should look for in a pump. For example, if the volume of your pond is 780 litres, then the minimum flow rate will be 340 litres per hour. Furthermore, over sizing is better than under sizing here, as you need to take note of the minimum and make sure that the water flow of the pump exceeds this number. This is very important, because otherwise it won’t provide ample water flow.

Protecting Your Pond from Predators

Along with keeping the water in your pond clean and healthy (and free of horrible odours) with pond filters of a high-quality, you may also find that it needs protecting from predators, usually birds. There are some excellent devices on the market that can help you to keep predators at bay, some of which are advanced and expensive, while others are simple and very affordable.

Electric fences are an option, but these can harm other animals and they’re usually very expensive and don’t always represent the best investment. A simple solution, one that many people have implemented, is a simple, floating device, one that’s very eco-friendly, and works by reflecting the sunlight which scares predatory birds, like herons and kingfishers.

As your pond is an investment that not only requires your money but also a good deal of your time, it’s important to take the measures required to protect it and keep your plants and fish healthy and safe from predators. Investing in good quality pond pumps and filters is essential and you may also find you need to purchase protective equipment, like floating reflective devices, as well.