How website design affects user experience


    Developing user experience in web design is a critical aspect of any business development done online through website creation. Website development affects the user experience. Establishing a perfect web design could be the perfect approach to building a good business. Many people consider the development of a web design as just the matter of aesthetic. Nevertheless, the design approach entails many factors that attract users while exploring the website. An experienced web designer evaluates several items when creating a commercial website. The visual elements and the presentation of the content on the website contributes a greater percentage. The best design influences the customer flow to a website. The following tips highlight essential elements in designing a website.

    1. Website colour – The colour of a website describes much information about the website target. The colour gradient influences the perspective of a customer. When designing a website, the developer incorporates both axial and radial colour transitions within a website. Provision of favourable colour shades to a website creates attractiveness to the user.
    2. Bold Typography- typography describes the study of letters and word formats on the website. Thinking about visualization of the text on the website matters a lot in the web design. Choosing the best typography is a fantastic implication to the user.

    iii. Hamburger Menus- a good website need to have a proper and easy navigation bar. Menu bar needs to show the user easy means of navigation and make the user feel understanding the interaction with the website. It is appropriate for the user to experience user feedback after using the website. When a site lacks such features, it acts a challenge and discourages users from using the website

    1. Modular designs- most attractive websites possess varying sizes of frames and panels. Additionally, panes influence design of the website. The grids and blocks layout help in providing useful information within a website. Modular designs facilitate the development of clean and straightforward layout aligning the content in specific places.

    Considering the mentioned elements help in attracting the customers to the website. User experience is a significant factor in web design and a result most web developer should consider designing a perfect look for the users.