How websites should look like in 2018


    Are you searching for the best 2018 web development ideas? One of the best ways of increasing your customer base is by having an effective marketing strategy and website design. The reason is millions of people use the internet to search for products and services that suit their tastes and budget. It means you should ensure your website stands out from the rest.

    Your website is an extension of your business, which means that it should demonstrate what your brand is all about. It should offer informative and engaging content to your target audience, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition. This post gives you three tips to use for website development.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project

    One way to make your website appealing is to ensure its fast. The AMP Project is one initiative you should consider checking out to ensure your site is quick, attractive and performs well across several platforms and devices. Remember that users will not stay on a site that takes minutes to load or is unappealing to the eye. This project aims to make the web a better place for users. For instance, it enables the creation of ads and websites that are fast.

    Single Scroll Pages

    Single scroll pages are among the best ways on how websites should look in 2018. They ensure your website visitors enjoy quick navigation by simplifying the presentation. Remember that if you are running a site for resumes, design agencies, non-profits or businesses, you want a landing page that is simple. The purpose of single scroll pages is to offer short, eye-catching information that visitors will scan quickly, for example, by providing a minimal amount of clicking to access other pages.

    Videos and 3D Effects

    Technological devices such as Smartphones and Tablets, which come with inbuilt with cameras, have made videos to become hugely popular. The result is that many website owners are using videos to highlight their products, story or services. For example, showing your product from various angles makes it look appealing, which means you will capture the attention of site visitors. 3D animations are also trendy, and you should consider using them for web development this year.


    The above post on the best 2018 web development ideas should make it easier for you to increase your site’s visibility. Make sure your videos are brief and exciting for the best outcome. Ensure that you get the best web development team in order to make you the best website of the year