It Pays to Hire the Right Plumber


Property owners feel panicked and anxious when a plumbing problem occurs, because even a confined plumbing issue can quickly become a costly one. In the case of an emergency, it is essential to hire a plumber with the proper skills and training. It is important that property owners understand the differences in skills and knowledge amongst plumbing technicians, in order to contact the proper contractor when a plumbing problem does occur.

Residential Plumbing Services and Repairs

A residential plumbing problem can affect daily life for families. Whether it is a bathtub that will not drain, or a dishwasher that is not emptying, these issues hinder flow and productivity in the family home. Left unrepaired, a small plumbing annoyance can morph into a much larger problem.

A residential plumber is proficient at recognising and solving residential plumbing problems. From the bathroom, to the kitchen, or the boiler, a plumber trained in residential fixtures, pipes, and materials can assess a plumbing problem for a quick resolution.

Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services

To the average person, plumbing problems and repairs may all appear the same. However, there can be significant differences between residential plumbing repairs and commercial or industrial repair and services. Due to the differences in scale and size of pipes and fixtures used, as well as mechanical and engineering differences, only a plumber specialising in commercial or industrial plumbing should handle these jobs.


The average single family home has two or three bathrooms. This means two or three toilets, two or three sinks, and typically one or two showers. In an industrial or commercial building, there are often more than three toilets in a single bathroom. Multiply this by the number of stories and tenants, and it adds up quickly. These additional toilets and sinks use significantly more water. This difference in scale means differences in the fixtures and materials used, and can mean a different set of concerns when there is a leak, clog, or other problem.

For instance, the task of locating and removing a clog includes inspection of the pipe from the drain, from the drain to the joint where this smaller pipe meets pipes from the other sinks, and so on. A specialised commercial or industrial plumber will have the knowledge and prior experience to remove this clog more efficiently than a residential plumber, particularly when it is a job for an emergency plumber.

Determining the Best Suited Plumbing Technician

Property owners should look for a plumber that advertises the type of experience and skills conducive to the type of property, and then verify that the plumber is familiar with the type of fixtures in the building. Ask enough questions to confirm that the company employs a technician experienced with the problem you have. Do not hire a company that is evasive about its plumbers’ skills and training.

Even though the skill sets required for residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing can be very different from one another, they are not mutually exclusive. A plumber that is familiar with residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing is a very good contact to have.