Men’s Facial Care – How and Why You Should Look After Your Face

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    When you mention getting a facial to men, it conjures up images of elderly ladies whose faces are plastered with so much green stuff that they resemble Jim Carrey in The Mask. A horribly feminine concept to many men, facial care is none the less of the utmost importance in projecting a positive image of yourself, and anyone who has read my other articles will know that your image has an enormous effect on what you get out of life, however fair or unfair that may be. In this article, I want to talk about the basics of getting a men facial singapore, with a couple of hints for looking your best.

    The term “getting a facial” refers to the use of facial masks, as described in the opening sentence. You would think they’d need to have a dramatic effect on your face to warrant looking like an idiot with goo all over you, and you’d be right. men facial singapore rejuvenate and refresh the skin, drawing impurities out of the pores and providing a moisturizing effect. When used regularly, they have a big impact on your face, reducing the aging process to a crawl. If you want to be the guy who looks 20 at 30, 30 at 40, and 40 at 60, facial masks are the way to do it. If you don’t want to go to a spa, or a beauty salon, you can pick up the products necessary to apply them yourself from many chemists and retailers.

    The next big way to take care of your face, is tied to how you shave. If you use a facial cleanser before you shave, and moisturizer afterward, you minimize the (significant) damage that shaving causes to the skin, and keep it looking its best.