Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home

    blood pressure machine for home use

    An increasing number of people often check their blood pressure at home by using upper arm digital blood pressure measuring device, once every fourteen days. Because of its convenience, it is straightforward to measure by yourself if it is normal or not. Many types of research refer that the reading monitored at home is more accurate than measuring at hospitals or clinics. People feel more comfortable to check it at home than staying in a medical environment. When you are asked to have blood pressure monitored by physician or nurse, you may observe that the result is usually higher than average level. This condition is called ‘white coat hypertension’ which approximately affects the outcome by 30mmHg (systolic readings).

    To measure your blood level at home is useful for people having a problem with their health. You can take the readings to your medical professional for more information and also reduce the number of visits to surgery doctors. A lot of people like to check by themselves at home because they feel in control of their state of health. Someone, moreover, enjoys using the monitors every day like daily schedule when they feel familiar doing so. They can notice what type of activities, working or lifestyle affect to their blood level that can allow them to conceive much more about their health condition.

    Anyway, certain physical difficulties may be distress for monitoring your blood pressure at home. These troubles, for instance, are irregular heart rate, lumpectomy or hurt arms. If you are suffering from these problems, you should not take blood pressure reading as it may cause the worse condition.

    Before you decide to purchase an upper arm automatic digital blood pressure machine for home use, you can consult with your doctor, nurse or manufacturer how often you have to measure, what time you should monitor it and who you can discuss with, etc.

    Both types, automatic and semi-automatic, can be found in the health market for home use which you can store or print the reading out. With automatic machines, the cuff is pumped and deflated automatically to suit your arm while semi-automatic machines, you have to pump up and deflated the cuff manually.

    An essential thing you should consider before purchasing a blood pressure machine is its accuracy. As regularly precise reading can help you and doctor diagnoses your symptom, and medical treatment, the exactness of machines should be the first property you examine before purchasing. These following suggestions can help you select an ideal one;

    • Upper arm monitors can give better and more accurate readings than wrist or finger monitors.
    • Blood pressure machines approved by independent testing for accuracy are preferable as you can see “CE” marking shown on packages. However, other tests by British Hypertension Society (BHS) or European Society of Hypertension have acknowledged standards of blood pressure monitors also.