Non-surgical eye bag removal: What You Should Know About It

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    In the past, patients had to undergo surgery to remove excess skin and excess fat under the eye. The surgery involves stitching and stitch removal, which could cause scarring. Thanks to eye bag removal singapore, most problems involving the eyes can now be repaired or corrected and issues concerning eye bags become a thing of the past. With the help of today’s medical technology, you can look forward to a more attractive and youthful appearance. Reduction of eye bags can now be treated significantly without resorting to surgery.

    A common method of non surgical eye bag removal procedure is Radio frequency or needle-based delivery of heat. The procedure involves the insertion of needles with radio frequency to deliver heat to the fats under the eyes. The multiple needles melt the fats, which sometimes form into Cysts, but they can be removed surgically.

    Another method is done via laser melting of the fats beneath the skin of the lower lid. The procedure is carried out using high intensity ultrasound frequency. It is a non-invasive and extremely safe method. This ultrasound is directed towards the lower eyelid, further tightening the skin and precisely shrinking the fat faster. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes for visible reduction, and stitching is not required for this procedure therefore there isn’t any pain involved nor bruising. Recovery time is also very quick.

    Advantages of avoiding eye bag removal surgery includes no surgical scarring as cutting of the skin is not involved, neither is anesthetic administered. Since no anesthetic is used there is no need to stay overnight in the hospital, and the patient can usually get on with their normal daily routine straight away. In many cases non-surgical removal produces better and more natural results than the surgical alternative.

    When it comes to removing under-eye bags, you have more than one option for treatment. At Shens clinic we can bring you closer to feeling good about your eyes again!