Printing finishes to make your prints standout


    Although brochures tend to be filled with text and images and neatly finished with eye-catching covers, there is no need to make all of them look alike. The more unique, original and innovative a name card, brochure or flyer design is, the more likely your future clients will pick it up and have a glimpse of your services and products. One of the ways to make your prints stand out from the pack is to use easy to read but unique fonts. A quality print finish can also make your print easy to distinguish from others. You can decide to use a luxury paper or laminated finish as your print finish.

    Different types of printing can also help to elevate your artwork, here are a few printing finishes you can consider:

    Foil stamping

    Also referred to as foil application, it is commercial printing process involving application of pigmented foil or metal onto a solid surface by application of hot die on the foil. Foil stamping stands out of the pack of the printing effects because of its ability to make the die adhere permanently on the surface before leaving behind the design. It gives the end product a professional finish due to the metallic touch added

    Die cutting

    Die cutting is the process of using a given die to shear off webs of materials of low strength from a larger paper design. Die cutting is used to cut stickers and labels to corrects sizes to suit different needs. An intricate cut can help your product stand out from ordinary name cards or flyers.


    Embossing is any stamping process that produces/stamps sunken designs on a paper. It is done by placing an artwork between two plates and under high pressure, the area rises and gives the card some texture. When combined with foils stamping, it creates a shiny 3D effect on hard paper.


    Debossing is the opposite of embossing. While embossing creates raised designs on paper, debossing creates/stamps sunken designs or reliefs on a hard piece of paper. Both embossing and debossing can be used together with offset printing or foil stamping to further beautify your design.