Quick Review of the Graco 257025 Spray Painter


If you don’t like paying hundreds of dollars for painting jobs, it’s a good idea to invest in a paint sprayer. A paint sprayer helps in painting large and small surfaces in minutes, and you can use all kinds of materials and liquids with different viscosities. In this post, we will do a quick review of the Graco 257025, which is one of the top rated paint sprayers in the market.

Fast facts and basics                                                                                               

The Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus is an entry-level model that comes with an annual use of 50 gallons. Needless to mention, this is a good airless sprayer for regular use, especially if you are a DIY-er who loves to do smaller jobs. There’s no denying that the product doesn’t score high in terms of output, but the basic 0.24 gallons per minute works fine for most needs. It’s powered with a 3/8 horsepower motor, with a 25-foot hose, which can be replaced with a 50-feet hose. The product comes with a user manual, but if you have any confusion, you can always use the instructional DVD.

Highlights and features

  • The Graco 257025 works well for its design and weight. Weighing at 10 pounds, you will have no issues in carrying the product around. In fact, it can easily fit your hand, as well. Needless to mention, you will have no issues with storage, as well.
  • Graco is known for its quality and amazing product specifications. This particular sprayer comes with a piston pump made of stainless steel, which ensures longer lifetime of the product, even if you use coatings without further thinning.
  • The SG2 Gun included in this product is made of pure metal, with a filter that prevents the solids from clogging the tip for smoother finish.
  • Like most other models from Graco, this one also has an adjustable knob, which allows the user to get the finish as desired.
  • The suction tube of this model is flexible and can be inserted into a 1 or 5- gallon container, as needed. There’s an integrated paint hook, which allows the user to carry the material and unit together without any extra efforts.

If you are looking to buy this model from Graco, make sure that you check the in-depth reviews on some of the leading portals. Also, check the feedback and reviews from regular users, so that you can make an informed choice.