Sitemap vs Robots.txt


    Difference between sitemap and robot.txt

    Sitemap defines an XML file that is used to list URLs for a website. The sitemap allows webmasters and developers to include more information regarding URL. The updates ease the work of search engine crawling through the website with intelligence. Basically, they are URL inclusion protocols to complement robots.txt.

    Webmasters experience the following benefits of using sitemaps;

    1. Easy content modification- sitemaps facilitates easy modification of content to maintain the rank of a website. Sitemaps alert Google when website content is updated.
    2. Efficient web crawling- the inclusion of sitemaps allows efficient crawling of the website content. Web crawlers access the website content very fast.
    3. Exposing the website- most bloggers invest time and money in creating quality content. Nevertheless, the work becomes easy when sitemap creator is included on the website. It generates sitemap and allows fast discovery on the search engine.
    4. Content categorization- it is easy to place web pages in the right category when using sitemaps. The tools help in prioritizing the pages.
    5. Sitemaps save time- web visitors need to see the new information in a website. When a website uses sitemaps, the new content is placed at the top of the web pages for faster search.

    Conversely, robots are exclusion standards used by websites to interact with web crawlers. The tool specifies the technique of informing the web robot about the restricted areas if the website from scanning.

    Webmasters include the robots.txt in the website because of the listed benefits;

    1. They allow access to specified crawlers- it is easy to save bandwidth to the trusted crawlers like Google, MSN and Yahoo. In such cases, robots.txt file lists the robots associated with the command.
    2. Robots.txt block specified content- robots are essential in securing some website information.
    3. Robots.txt block specific folders- basically, robots.txt ban crawlers from accessing private web folders. It is easy to protect the content with the use of robots.txt to save crawler time.

    If you are outsourcing your SEO to a reputable SEO company, they should explain to you how these things work and make recommendations for your website so that you can rank better on Google.