The Many Advantages of Quality Direct Vent Fireplaces by Ortal Heat


Direct vent fireplaces are the premier products for warmth, ambience, comfort and absolute customizable style for any home.

Safety Features

Homeowners in the past had to worry about the safety of a gas fireplace. The new design of Ortal Heat fireplaces uses a direct vent system with a sealed glass front. The balanced flue pulls out harmful gas exhausts and expels them outdoors to keep you family safe from all gas fumes.

The innovative cool wall technology keeps the surrounding walls and the walls above your fireplace cool to prevent many costly repairs that can occur from heat buildup. Excessive heat around a fireplace can distort the wall surface, cause paint to discolor or peel, cause tiles to fall off a wall, cause wood paneling to splinter, pucker or bend, cause marble to crack and destroy electrical components. Cool wall technology saves you all of these costly repairs and keeps the area cool enough to install your televisions or electronics above the fireplace.

You can choose a double wall glass enclosure with a protective screen on your fireplace. The double glass forms a heat barrier with ventilation between the two pieces of glass. This lowers the heat of the windows so that touching it will not cause burns to your loved ones. The addition of a protective screen prevents children from being able to actually even be exposed to the warm glass and prevents accidents.

Power Vent Innovations

Some homes and businesses do not have a space for a direct vent chimney to be installed. The power vent system allows you to install a fireplace in any area you wish without the worry of the vent system. This vent system includes a forced air stream to vent your fireplace from up to 110 feet away from the firebox.

Ultimate in Efficiency

A high efficiency burner is included in Ortal Heat fireplaces. This burner not only reduces your cost of operation but also provides the most warmth available in a gas fireplace while helping the environment by burning the gas in the cleanest manner possible.

Custom Designs for Any Area

You can have a custom designed fireplace for any area that you wish. The addition of reflective mirrors in the rear of the fireplace, ceramic logs or large pebbles can help you decide what you want your end product to look like. The newest in ceramic logs includes smaller portions that have embers to appear like a traditional wood burning fireplace. Polished glass is available in several colors to coordinate with your home d├ęcor and can be mixed with other media in your fireplace.

These types of fireplaces can be inside or outside to provide lovely flickering flames for all to enjoy in any space.

If you can imagine it, Ortal Heat can create it in a custom designed fireplace for your comfort, viewing pleasure and in a safe and energy efficient environment.


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