The Top 5 Ways To Surprise Your Wife On Valentine’s Day


Thinking of something original and creative for Valentine’s Day is a challenge for most married men. A new restaurant or hotel can be lovely but won’t exactly be a surprise. Here are five ways guaranteed to help you surprise your wife on Valentine’s Day and show her how much you love her. Which ideas have you tried?

#1. Hire A Limo

If your wife hasn’t seem the back of a limo since prom, hiring one is guaranteed to elicit squeals of delight. Limos make anyone, young or old, feel like movie stars for the night. You could arrange to meet your wife after she finishes at work or simply wait outside your home in the evening. Hired limos come stocked with champagne and fabulous sound systems. You can relax in the plush interior as you are swept away to your destination.

#2. Take A Balloon Ride

The best thing about balloon rides is that you can keep the whole thing secret right up until the last minute. Taking a mystery drive out into the country will leave your wife guessing as the scenery rolls by. Balloon rides are best taken early in the morning so the weekend preceding or following Valentine’s Day is your best bet unless you can both get time off work. Most couple’s packages include champagne and a beautiful breakfast after you land.

#3. Make A Public Declaration Of Your Love

Most ideas such as announcements in the newspaper or banners hung from bridges are for big events such as getting engaged. There are plenty of original ways to proclaim your love for your wife on Valentine’s Day. The gesture is so unusual that you are bound to surprise her. Whether you make a huge banner and hang it prominently somewhere or ask for an announcement to be made while you enjoy a sports game, this is guaranteed to get her attention.

#4. Renew Your Vows

One of the most romantic things you can do is take a mini-honeymoon break and renew your vows in a special location. This can help refresh a marriage especially if your usual Valentine’s Day ideas are starting to seem a little old and jaded.

#5. Clean Your Home

Your wife may not do the house cleaning: you may share the chores or you may do everything yourself. Even if you are a stay-at-home husband, paying a house cleaning firm to give your home a deep clean will still surprise your wife. The difference between your normal vacuum-and-mop clean and a professional clean has to be seen to be believed. The pros bring a whole host of cleaning equipment, products and techniques that will transform your home. Whether your wife normal cleans or not, she’ll love the surprise of coming home to a sparklingly clean home.


Any one of these five ideas will definitely help you surprise your wife this Valentine’s Day. Which ideas have you tried? Let us know and leave us a question or comment below!

Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.