Tips for Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom


The transition from a child’s bedroom to a teenage bedroom can often be challenging. The aim is to create a space that works for your child and will continue to work for the next few years. As a teenager, you become educated, able to make your own decisions and understanding who you are as an individual. As a result of this, you often find that there can be a few clashes when it comes to the right kind of style for their bedroom. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect bedroom for your teenager, that they’ll enjoy and be able to relax and wind down in.

Colours are Key

When it comes to a teenager’s bedroom, colour is a choice that you can let them decide upon themselves. Giving them the independence to choose their own colour scheme, combinations and patterns will enable them to express their personalities and create a space that they love and feel comfortable in. Whilst bold colours are known to stimulate the mind and have less of a relaxing effect, they still work really well when used in a younger person’s room as they are often full of energy.

Choose the Right Furniture

There’s a sudden transition from children’s furniture to the kind that’s suitable for teens. The main difference is the size of the furniture, but you also see a change in material and style too. When designing your teenager’s bedroom, you’re best to choose furniture that they’ll like for a few years. Investing in furniture from the same range always works really well as it completes the room and gives it a welcoming, cosy feel. From oak ranges to painted finishes, you can find so many stylish pieces that will work perfectly for your teenager’s room.

Consider Storage

It may seem like an obvious element to consider, but storage in your teenager’s bedroom is essential. Whether you choose a bed with under-bed storage, shelving or even a bookshelf, you can never have too much storage, especially when you have teenagers who seem to have endless amounts of clothing and ‘stuff’. Introducing some shelving to your teenager’s bedroom is a great way for them to display any books, trophies and photographs in their toom which will add character as well as make the room more personal to them.

Provide a Work Space

Having a dedicated space in their bedroom to do their homework is surprisingly motivating. Once you provide your teenager with an oak desk or a stylish place to do their homework, you’ll notice them taking more of an interest and wanting to get it done. The difference between working in the kitchen and working in their bedroom is privacy. It’s good to give your teenager a little independence and give them the perfect space to complete their school work. They might even use this space for using their laptops and reading too, it’s just the perfect space for them to do their own thing.