Unwanted Effects of Overpricing your Home


Selling your home can include a process that can truly be an emotional roller coaster that you may not be prepared for. The significance of your property to you and what you want to be should match with how the real estate world works today. And this clash is usually apparent in pricing your house. Of course you are free to get your home listed in property rental websites India or for property for sale sites for any price you want. But, a great real estate agent will inform you that overpricing your property can result in serious issues including the following.

Getting the Attention of Unscrupulous Agents

Your home’s initial asking price is likely to invite unscrupulous agents to your doors. These are people you like working with until you realize they are bad news. Agents are in the market to sell properties and they wish to work with homeowners who have realistic expectations. The issues of selling a home priced too high are many and a lot of agents will wish to avoid getting into a property listing that is expected to fail. Unscrupulous agents will use your house as an advertising vehicle to get buyer clients.

Scare Off Home Buyers

Overpricing your home can scare off buyers even before you get a chance to show the property to them. Usually, home buyers who have their own agents can easily spot an overpriced property. Their agents will then tell their clients to forget about checking your home out. In fact, even if a buyer does not use an agent, he will still avoid any house that is more expensive than other homes in the surrounding area. It is then important to carefully listing to what the housing market will bear. Check out comparable sales data through the eyes of home buyers.

Take Time to Sell

A home that is overpriced can stay in the market for a long time. A number of home sellers have more motivation to sell quickly than others. Some of the don’t know the time it takes to sell their home. Selling a home actually has an ideal time frame and it often falls within a few months. Having your home in the market for a long time can result in the expiration of your listing. This can truly be a stain that is not easy to remove from your property. Additionally, you have the risk that the market will change on you instead of in your favor. Pricing your home competitively in the first place can result in it being sold for a month.