What are the Different Kinds of Water Damage? – How to Fix It Properly?


Water leakage can cause severe damage to your house and property. That is why, it is popularly known as water damage. It is extremely essential to get rid of the leakage so that you can ensure the well-being of your property. There are different kinds of water damage and one has to be extremely aware regarding the early signs of it so that they can restore the water damage as quick as possible.

One can ask the experts regarding the early signs of water damage, so that they can get controlled soon. There are various articles as well which one can refer to know more about water damage. In this article, we will be discussing about the different kinds of water damage and fixing it properly.

Learn about the different kinds of water damage

Here are different kinds of water damage, which is caused by different kinds of water. Here are some of the examples –

  • Clean water -though clean water will never contain any kind of harmful bacteria but it can source damage to the property. The clean water mostly comes out from the sinks, bathtub overflow, any malfunctioning of some electronic appliance etc.
  • Black water – it is considered as the most hazardous kind of water damage. Since this water comes from the sewage or even the waste of various water bodies around you, it can contain some serious harmful chemicals. Any person must be extremely careful while touching this water because it can cause physical harm.
  • Grey water – the kind of water which has been left unattended for a while is called as grey water. It can contain harmful bacteria, which can further degrade the condition of your home.

How to get rid of water damage? – Know about Water Damage Restoration

Thankfully, people can now resort to water damage restoration to get rid of any kind of damage to their property. Below are some of the basic steps of understanding water damage restoration procedure –

  • The experts will visit the property to inspect the extent of damage.
  • Once they know the extent, they will bring the equipment accordingly to get rid of the damage. Tiny pipes and vacuum pumps are used to extract the water from the damaged area.
  • Now, special industrial dehumidifiers are used to extract all the extra moisture from the area.
  • Finally, the experts will now sanitize and clean the area properly.

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