What Are The Different Styles Of Furniture And Door Knobs?


There are dozens of different styles of furniture, doorknobs included. You might feel that the choice is overwhelming, so it helps to have an understanding of why the different styles are so attractive. Then you can make a firm decision on which ones to purchase.

Vintage Knobs

You might want to give your furniture or doors an extremely classic look. This is why vintage door knobs are such a great choice. There are lots of different vintage knobs to choose from, including animal-shaped ones, flower-shaped ones, and the more classic rounded design.

These vintage knobs will instantly make any type of door look much more attractive, and is cheaper than having the whole door replaced. When you are trying to sell your house, the door is the first thing that potential buyers will pay attention to, so they will be extremely impressed by your interesting door knob.

Vintage knobs can also be fitted to your cupboards, cabinets and desks to make them look extremely stylish. The vintage knobs might look delicate, but in fact, they are extremely robust and potentially will never have to be replaced once they are fitted on.

Glass Knobs

Glass knobs can be fitted to any furniture in the house. You might also be tempted to fit them onto the doors. Glass knobs are extremely effective because they catch the light and reflect it around the room. You have lots of different styles to choose from. Some people will want to have clear glass, whilst others will choose to have coloured glass that stands out and provides a good contrast to the colour of the furniture that it is attached to.

Mirror Glass Knobs

Mirror glass knobs come in a wide variety of different styles. As people move around the room, their reflections will be caught in the mirrored glass, which produces an interesting effect. You might choose a retro design with lots of edges, or you might choose to buy a more modern square glass knob.

Ceramic Knobs

Ceramic knobs are extremely popular because they help to give doors and furniture an antique feel. The intricate patterns and designs are eye-catching. You might want to go for a plain style which is intricately designed, or you might want to choose a ceramic knob with bold colours but a simple design. Ceramic knobs provide an excellent contrast to vintage door knobs.

Bone Knobs

Bone knobs are unusual and they can add style to any piece of furniture in the house. You can choose to have plain ones, which are a brilliant white or you can choose to have painted bone knobs. These are extremely strong and will make your pieces of furniture much more robust.

Leather Knobs

Leather knobs have the appearance of cricket balls, so they are a quirky addition to any piece of furniture in the house. These eye-catching knobs will certainly get people’s attention.

There are many different styles of furniture knob, so do plenty of research before you choose the ones which are the most suitable.