Who doesn’t enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep?


Selecting the perfect type of mattress for back pain should be a matter of trying out a few types and noting down which one feels the best. You’ll want to make sure the mattress has the right support, and at the same time not to be too firm that it feels like sleeping on the ground. A mattress which is too firm might cause uncomfortable pressure points and prevent you from getting a sound night’s sleep.

The perfect mattress for back pain will provide the support that your body is lacking, but supportive does not necessarily always mean overly firm. Support is generated by the interior construction of the mattress. A mattress with adequate coil count and an ideal supportive spring system should also have a nice cushiony feel to the top layer. This additional cushioning on top will not make the mattress less supportive.

Total Support is the Key

Some people prefer a firm mattress, while others will sleep better on a softer one. This could have something to do with the kind of mattress you slept on as a child. Nonetheless, if testing out a mattress in a shop, ask the sales assistant if your spine is in proper alignment while you are lying on it. If you ask an expert in this field or go to Sleep Junkie’s discussion about back pain, they will be able to help you determine if this is the case, or if the mattress sags too much in the middle. The best mattress for back pain should naturally conform to your body’s curves.

As an ideal alternative to an inner spring mattress, you might wish to consider a memory foam bed. These have become more and more popular over the last few years and are definitely a hit for people who had sleep problems. These are slightly more expensive, but for sufferers of chronic aches and back pain, this is definitely a great investment. Memory foam gives you more pressure relief and harmonises to your body in a natural way.

Bed, Sweet Bed

If you are one of those who prefers the traditional style spring mattress, you can also find mattresses with a built-in cushion of memory foam layers. This alternative may offer you the support you need as well. And there’s also a mattress that combines latex foam as another solution. Latex does not react to your body temperature and is not a synthetic material, derived from the humble rubber tree.

When selecting the perfect quality mattress that feels just right for you, make sure to take your time in making your decision. Take off your shoes and just simply lie down and relax on a number of beds in your normal sleeping position. Which one feels just right? Try using your intuition, and although sales advice may be helpful, don’t get talked into a decision. Mattresses may be made from the best quality materials, but if it just doesn’t feel comfortable, forget that good night’s sleep! Sleep well!